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Our First Burial - Carol Elaine Hellyer

Lot 8, Plot 1

N 30.50.572 W095.15.210

Our Second Burial - Sampson Rheams

Lot 8, Plot 2

N 30.50.575 W095.15.197

Our Third Burial - Donald Lee Butler

Lot 8, Plot 3

30-51-23 N., 95-14-51 W.

Our First Interment of Cremains - William David Deeslie

30-51-2 N., 95-14-57 W.

Our Fourth Burial - James Tyler Wennermark - May 3, 2011

Lot 23, Plot 2

30.51.45 N 95.15.6 W.

Our Fifth Burial -

Lot 23, Plot 1

30.52.3 N 95.15.11 W

Our Sixth Burial - Eric Gunther Siekert- December 27, 2013

Lot 23, Plot 3

30.52.37 N 95.17.48 W.

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Updated July 25, 2014

The sacred earth of the greater HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL in San Jacinto County, Texas is host to America's second Green Family Cemetery.

To learn more about the Universal Ethician Church, please visit the Salvation Network.

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Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral Cemetery

Universal Ethician Church

1401 19th Street

Huntsville, TX 77340